The Top Three Questions Every Prospective Franchisee Asks


Part 2 of 3: How do I find the perfect location for a franchise?

While you may have already identified a market that is under-served by the franchise organization you’re interested in, finding the perfect site within that market is a crucial part of the franchising process.  Similar to the many avenues of support available to franchisees seeking initial financing, franchisors often have several resources available to assist you throughout the entire site selection process.  Below are four key support systems that Orange Leaf has to offer:

Franchisor Market Evaluation

In order to uphold our strategic growth plan both domestically and internationally, Orange Leaf conducts thorough market evaluations through the use of market analytic software. By identifying key areas of consumer and residential growth within the market, the Franchise Development team will work with you to pinpoint heavily trafficked areas near residential neighborhoods, schools and other upscale fast-casual concepts.

Real Estate Broker

Partnering with a local or national real estate broker will afford you professional support by industry leaders during the site selection process. Brokers often have insider information about prime sites that may not be listed on the market yet and can leverage their knowledge of local lease rates during negotiations and lease execution.

Orange Leaf most recently partnered with K.W. Commercial, a national brokerage firm with more than 700 office locations across the U.S. Together, we help franchisees identify prime locations within their markets.

Local Franchisee Knowledge

Do not underestimate the power of your own opinion. While franchisors and real estate brokers utilize market analytic software, it is the franchisee’s homegrown knowledge of local growth patterns, up-and-coming neighborhoods, popular shopping centers and strong synergy drivers that can really help point everyone in the right direction.

Complimentary Custom Floor Plan

Orange Leaf partners with Build-Co, LLC who offers complimentary floor plans to show how your store would layout at a certain location. These are also known as test fits, this is another great opportunity to evaluate a site’s potential viability in the market and allows us to clearly define the expected initial investment cost.

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