The top three questions every prospective franchisee asks


Part 3 of 3: Is this franchise the right fit for me?

In part 1 and 2 of this month’s blog series, we explored the many financing options and site selection tools available to prospective franchisees during the initial franchising process.  We will be closing out the series by discussing the most important of the three questions every prospective franchisee asks – Is this franchise the right fit for me?

When looking at partnering with a potential franchisor, look at these three areas:

Do the brand values align with your values?

At Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt, we want passionate franchise owners who believe in providing exceptional customer service by creating a welcoming environment and leading the way with a strong, enthusiastic staff.  We are dedicated to providing ongoing support and education to ensure our franchise owners are enabled with best-in-class resources to deliver the finest guest experience in their communities.  These resources range from social media and communication strategies to streamlined operations guides and hands-on assistance.

What type of communication and support will you receive?

Frequent and open communication is vital to building strong relationships with each of our franchisees and their success.  Through multiple means of support and various channels, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is committed to listening and responding to the needs of our franchisees. Regular support and communication with the system includes regular e-mails, text messages, a marketing portal, an internal message board, a 24-hour web-based learning management system and dedicated regional franchise business consultants. The opportunities to give and receive feedback are plentiful and the key to franchisee success.

What do the store economics look like?

Orange Leaf’s international footprint ensures we leverage a strong network of vendor partners to support Franchise Owner profitability. With eye-catching promotional campaigns, co-branded partnerships, targeted social media initiatives and new product rollouts, Orange Leaf provides a road map to achievement for Franchise Owners to engage their community and capture market share.  This prompts action and drives top line sales at the local store level while franchise owners create and build upon their own plans.