Military Vet Franchisee: Why this veteran chose Orange Leaf


Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt has recently established a new partnership with Vet Fran, which provides access and opportunities in franchising to the nation’s veterans and their spouses. With this partnership, Orange Leaf is offering all veterans and active duty military a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee.

Mark Kelly, military veteran and Orange Leaf Franchisee, decided to partner with Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt based on three elements: Orange Leaf’s values, product, and corporate support.

“Adding value to the community, and serving those in need are major factors in our decision to partner with Orange Leaf. They have the best quality product in the business,” said Kelly.

Kelly said veterans like himself quickly relate to the values of service and integrity that the Orange Leaf brand focuses on.

“Orange Leaf’s values made our decision easy. We have common goals with Orange Leaf, and we completely trust the direction of the company,” said Kelly.

As a veteran, Kelly has seen a great amount of support from the community. With Kelly and his wife both being veterans, he said many have recognized them and continue to support them and their vision to strengthen their community. He is certain that his military experience has also helped him as a business owner.

“Military members learn to use motivation as a leadership attribute, and young employees thrive on that type of interaction. Building a young team and watching them transform together has been the greatest experience that we’ve had in our professional lives,” said Kelly.

As for transitioning from military service into the civilian workforce, Kelly said that veterans are great adapters to change, and are able to jump into leadership roles quickly.

“Because Orange Leaf is so well organized, the transition has been easy,” said Kelly.

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