Father and sons focus on franchise success


Most fathers are likely to bond with their sons by watching the big game or firing up the grill, but this dynamic trio chose an alternative route– opening an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchise.

Franchisees Louis Schwartz and his sons, Brian and Louie, teamed up to open an Orange Leaf because they were passionate about the brand and the product, while also having the drive to be successful.

When Louis and his sons found the location, they knew it would be perfect for an Orange Leaf establishment.

“The area is family-oriented, and we wanted to provide a great location for families to get together.  We’ve been long-time fans of the product and were impressed by the organization. The brand already has an excellent reputation in Cincinnati,” said Louis Schwartz.

Louis Schwartz is looking forward to sharing the success with his sons, and working together to overcome obstacles. He believes that with anything in life, communication is key to being successful.

“We have similar values and different skill sets that should blend well together to make our store the best that it can be. With three of us involved, there may be an occasional difference in opinion, but they’ve learned the hard way that when in doubt- Dad is usually right,” said Louis Schwartz.

Louis Schwartz believes that working side-by-side and having the ability to be a team will make this experience special for him and his sons.

“We’ve all been a part of the community for our entire lives, so watching a business grow and adding value to the neighborhood will be very rewarding,” said Louis Schwartz.

By setting boundaries, being willing to ask for help, intertwining business and family, and tapping into the resources and support provided by the franchisor, this franchisee family is proving you can have the best of both worlds.