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The Making of a Strong Brand: Strategic Products


The Making of a Strong Brand: Strategic Products In our last post, we introduced the importance of brand strength and the role it plays in the success of a franchise. Today, we’re talking about what we call “strategic products” as a major contributing factor. What are the three defining components of a strategic product? Strategic […]

The Makings of a Strong Brand


The Makings of a Strong Brand Creative logos. Memorable jingles. Unique delivery methods. There are countless little things that contribute to building a strong brand. But what is it specifically that makes a brand’s impact great enough to accomplish the ultimate goal – influencing purchasing habits.

What’s in a brand?


One of the biggest resources a franchise provides you with is the brand. A brand conveys values, experiences, and quality to customers based on their previous interactions. A well-established brand provides a new business owner with many benefits and resources, such as awareness, a point of differentiation and competitive protection. So what makes up a […]

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