A Veteran’s View: How an Orange Leaf Franchisee Used His Military Background for Business Success


After serving his country and having a defined role as a leader, becoming a franchisee was Jeremy Latchaw’s ideal career path.

Jeremy believes that the military taught him the value of hard work, and to have commitment and drive for everything you do. All of these skills would become essential to his success when becoming an Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt franchisee.

“We were attracted to Orange Leaf because of their community values, which aligned with my selfless service value that I gained from the military,” said Latchaw.

As for spending time in active duty, Latchaw said he was frequently moving from place to place and making new friends.

“One thing you have in common with everyone is community,” said Latchaw. “One of my commanders once said, ‘how active you are in the community will determine how happy you are with where you live’- that advice is still true today, as I strive to make my business a staple in the community.”

Thank you, Jeremy Latchaw, for your service to this country and for always striving to make your community better with Orange Leaf.

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