5 tips for marketing to your target demographic


Social media is constantly changing; and everywhere you turn, there are new tips to enhance your strategy. Some businesses forget a key factor in their marketing strategy: their target audience. Below are five tips on how to market to your target demographic.

1.  Identify Your Target Audience

Demographics are important, but you have to dig deeper and find out what their interests, habits and even dislikes are. This information can be easily found by using social media insights and monitoring tools as a guide to create your strategy. The content you produce should mirror your audience, which will require your brand to have a tailored voice for each social platform.

2. Write It All Down

Once you gather your top demographics and psychographics, it might be overwhelming to see all of your different target customers. Placing each of them into their own persona will help you differentiate them and assist you in creating effective content.

3. Figure Out Which Social Media Platforms Work Best For You

You must develop a personality for your brand that your audience can relate to. Many brands like Taco Bell and Starbucks have recreated themselves, and have had huge success on social media. How? They target their specific audience for each social platform. In order to be successful, you must find all of the social channels that your audience likes, and engage with them.

4. Have a Purpose

Now that you have found the who, what and where of your audience, you need to ask yourself – how? How can you come into their lives? What are their interests and needs, and how do you come into play? Every piece of your content should have a purpose, and that purpose should provide something of value to your target audience. As the brand, you have to constantly create items that will spark their interest.

5. Revise, Research & Recreate as Necessary  

Brands tend to get stuck in old ways. Change is difficult and sometimes uncomfortable, but you have to face the music in order to keep up. Your marketing strategy should always be evolving, and it’s never too late to change your strategy if it doesn’t seem to be working for you.

In today’s ever changing world, we cannot expect our customers to come to us; we must seek them out and engage with them in order to be successful.